This is just a quick note of gratitude for everything that I have. I have
seen so many people effected by the difficult economic times. I am grateful that my husband
and I both still have jobs. I am grateful all my needs are being met. I am grateful for the
luxuries in my life that so many others will never experience. I am grateful that I have a
wonderful husband who loves me, despite my faults. My life is good. Sometimes it's hard to
remember how good life is when some things aren't going just how you want them. But man, my
life is good and I am very grateful for it.


Tuesday Tidbit #4

Okay, I'm off the deep stuff this week. Today's is

Macaroni and
!! Yummy

What do you know about the history of Macaroni
and Cheese?

I learned something this last week. Thomas
Jefferson was the first American to serve Macaroni and Cheese in the White House in 1802.
According to my research
Thomas Jefferson is the Father of American Baked Macaroni and Cheese. He had been in Europe
and brought home a pasta machine. He then proceeded to invent a better machine and started to
put cheese with the elbow noodles. He used cheddar, American cheese, sharp cheese, etc. So
next time you eat Macaroni and Cheese and tell yourself you are in company with one of our
founding fathers' favorite food.
Also, it was one of Ronald
Reagan's favorite foods. Here
is the recipe he liked. Presidential Food!!!


Our In-Take Interview

We had our In-take Interview with LDS Family Services on Friday. It was
good. We got some questions answered and paid our first chunk of money. And it was a chunk. We
were given a log-in name and password for the website. I'd like to show you how much there is
to answer but it's all online now. But they want to know everything, I mean everything. It's
good though. It's like a massive spiritually guided self evaluation.

I am now looking for parenting styles. They want to know our
parenting style. I have no idea. Some questions I just don't know how to answer. We begin our
5 classes on Jan 27. That will help I'm sure. I'm looking forward to learning more about
adoption and meeting others who are in our same, or a similar position. Off to do my "self

Tuesday Tidbit

Tidbit #3

Our Government
I thought in light of the inauguration today I
would post something about our government. Can I just say I am very grateful that no one in
this country has "absolute power!" We have this beautiful system of checks and

As Daniel and I traveled last fall and saw
the sites in Washington DC and through out Virginia it reaffirmed to me what a blessed country
we live in. The men who risked everything to establish this country were absolutely

We went to the homes of four of our founding
fathers. Each man was different. Many of them did not get along with each other. But their
differences are what brought about the richness of our country.
Washington's Grave)
He was a military man. He spent part of his youth as a land
surveyor in the colony of Virginia. He served in the French and Indian War. His experiences
proved invaluable when he became our General. From what I can gather he was quiet, private
sort of man who did not seek glory. He simply offered his services and was grateful for the
opportunity to help.
of James Madison in his home)
James Madison:
The Father
of the Constitution
. He was bright and alert with a mind that worked well
until his dying day. His brilliance also contributed to the first ten amendments, the Bill of

(Monticello - Home of Thomas Jefferson)
: I think he is my favorite. I believe his appreciation of the
world around him helped him when constructing the Declaration
of Independence
. His opinion of a minimalist government contrasted by
John Adams,
who favored a strong Federal Government, contributed to why we ended up with the system we
did. Jefferson was an inventor, a religious man, a horticulturist, a man who's descriptive
records of places have helped historians today immensely. Just a quick side note - his
description of the Governor's
at Colonial
helped restorers recreate and rebuild the building after it was burned in 1781. (Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg)

(Ash-Lawn Highland - home of James Monroe, close to
James Monroe: He was
a lawyer. He fought in the Revolutionary War and was our Fifth President. He was not a member
of the early Congresses who met and established this country. But he was the man who, under
Jefferson's guidance, purchased the Louisiana Territory from the French. Who can argue that he
was key in the early years of our country. Who else can claim they more than doubled our
country's size for a mere $15 mil.? That and he had very a interesting daughter who was
friends with the Bonapartes, yes as in Napoleon.

though our country is young, it has a very rich history. A God blessed history. It will be
interesting to watch what our next president does, how he influences our country for the
coming generations. Good Luck President Obama.


Tuesday Tidbit on Wednesday

Tidbit #2


Last night as I was trying to go to
sleep I realized that I forgot to do the Tuesday Tidbit. Ooops. I had planned on doing it when
I got home but something else got on my mind and I completely forgot. So here it is. I was
thinking about people that I admire, and that are admired in general. Mostly they are balanced
people. This goes back to the concept last week of improving yourself, but making sure you do
it many ways. I've seen that most people have done that with resolutions this year.

Balance extends into more than your learning endeavors. It also
should be part of you budget and you time. As I looked at the mess around me yesterday I sort
of woke up. I have become a gamer. Not too bad, but still I like to "plug myself into the
mother ship" as my husband says. I haven't touched a piano in weeks. I've let my reading taper
off. I've decided this may be why I feel out of sorts.

Balance: mental
steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment. This is what I need.
Mental steadiness. It's coming. I feel better this week as I have stuck to a morning routine
that gets me fed, cleaned and off to work at a decent hour. I woke myself up this morning and
actually thought about the rest of the day. I even pulled out my frozen lasagna (home-made OF
COURSE) and that's what we are having for dinner. See, thinking ahead. Saves me pain later. I
have also exercised twice this week. Nothing major just a few toning exercises in the
afternoon right when I get home. It's amazing how physical movement can help your mind move as

This might be boring, but it's made me feel
better. I am feeling a great trepidation as we begin the adoption process. I know it's the
right thing, but that doesn't take all the fear out it. We know how much we will be paying to
"buy a kid" as Daniel says, but how much to maintain it? Yikes. We don't even have any idea
how quickly me might get one. We were both flooded with worries of inadequacy last night. I'm
sure it's the same things everyone thinks? I hope so. Our interview is in two days. This
Friday. We have no idea what to expect. I'll have to report as soon as we come home.


Resolutions and Tuesday Tidbits

I have read so many peoples resolutions I
thought maybe I'd post about mine. I try to keep mine set with my feet on the ground and to
take into account a balance of how much I am willing to change at any given point. Change and
growth are good, but small steps make it much easier for me.

Last year I said to myself when Daniel said our evening prayers that I didn't want to
miss one single night. We only missed one night, with the exception of the nights he was out
of town. That makes me feel good. So now, we will add things a bit at a time and keep things
realistic and yet progressing all the same.

I am going
to strive to eat a healthier diet. My dietary habits have been appalling this last year.
Mostly I need to eat less. We also need to be more active. I brought my aerobic steps back
from the storage unit and I will be working up to daily exercise. Let's start with twice a
week at first. By May I should be up to 5 days a week. I also need better sleep habits. That
will take will power. I'm getting there on that one.

am going to try to set up daily habits that will help me keep my house clean. A schedule of
sorts. I do best when I have a schedule.

We are going
to prepare our house to welcome a baby. Once we are approved for adoption we need to be ready
to be chosen. Some things will come later, like furniture and actual supplies. But we need to
have a lifestyle that is welcoming to a new member of the family.

Among my resolutions is the desire to learn something
continually. I am going to call this Tuesday Tidbits and hopefully my stating that I will
publish these tidbits online will help me actually do it.

Tidbit #1:
The pursuit of Knowledge is one of the best things we
can do for ourselves. We take only our knowledge with us. So lets make the most of it. For
Christmas in 2007 my grandparents gave us the Teachings of the Prophets books. There are 15
books, one for each Prophet through President Hinckley, and an Index. I'm going to try to get
most of my tidbits from this set of books. I figured the best thing to learn today is the of
the importance of knowledge. I pulled out the index and have chosen a quote from President
Hinckley."None of us... knows enough. The learning process is an
endless process. We must read, we must observe, we must assimilate, and we must ponder that to
which we expose our minds. I believe in evolution, not organic evolution, as it is called, but
in the evolution of the mind, the heart, and the soul of man. I believe in improvement. I
believe in growth...
...You cannot afford to stop. You must not rest in
your development....There is so much to learn and so little time in which to learn

I heard shortly before President Hinckley died,
that he was reading David McCullough's book "John Adams." This is wonderful to me. To know
that the prophet was learning from more than just the scriptures. Scriptures and our knowledge
of God are the most important, but think how much our appreciation of God can be enriched by
learning of his hand through the history of the world! I have recently learned more about John
Adams and our Founding Fathers. They were men of God. Anyone who doubts does not understand
our Heavenly Father or those men.

This year I refuse to
let my mind stagnate. I miss college and the continual push of deadlines to learn and learn
well. Maybe I will read biographies with my novels. Learn of the people who have gone before
and the influence the had. Of the people who are here and what influences they are currently
having. The world is ours to learn from. Take advantage of that knowledge and grow!

Off my soap box. I hope this year brings much good to all of you.



I am better. The laryngitis is gone. However I feel some heavy pressure
coming in from the north. I hope it doesn't turn into a sinus headache.

Our Christmas was good. I didn't take many pictures of us. We had
a bit of a busy morning. We had to leave our house by 9 to pick up a present and get to my
in-laws. Daniel did a very good job of getting me presents. He gave me a set of books, "The
Uglies" that I am looking forward to reading. He also gave me a set of movies that I have
wanted for years. I am quite excited. I think I did alright for him.

Our dogs are so funny. Winston wants what Lacy has and Lacy just
wants hers back. They both the same bone, but he wanted hers. They were so funny to watch open
their bones. Lacy was turning in circles to avoid him and so he was running in circles around
her trying to get the bone. I tried to get it on video, but of course they stopped.
We gave
what I think is the coolest thing you can give to nieces and nephews. With the approval of
parents we gave them a bunny. They were so excited. Such a cute little fluffy thing.

Winston has long hair. I've cut it but it grows
back quickly. We have to give him a leg and stomach hair cut because this is what happens when
he plays is fresh snow. He
comes in freezing and then melts those little snowballs all over my house. He has now been
trimmed up.

Our Christmas was good. I am now ready to
move on into the new year and see what it holds for us. May the new year treat you all well.