A Grave Day...

Today I had the opportunity to spend the first half the day with my grandfather placing flowers on graves. It was a neat opportunity in many ways. I got to spend 2+ hours with him while we drove between three cemeteries in Ogden, and one in North Ogden. I learned about my personal history, where my family was raised (for generations back), about the immigration of some of my ancestors and how much my grandfather remembered from so many of them. He knew many of the people who's graves we visited. In fact I knew many of them, great aunts, great uncles, great grandparents, etc. We talked a lot about many of them while driving around. I have a rich heritage, and I'll bet you do too. Do you know about it? You should learn. I have learned so many things about what I have come from and why I have some of the emotional connections and interests that I do. Find out about your own history and where people are buried so you can be the one to tell your children about their ancestors when your parents and grandparents are gone. Here are some of the headstones:

Asael and Jennie Farr - My grandpa's, mother's parents. My great-great grandparents.
Connie and Jim Underwood. My Grandma Budge's parents. My great grand parents.
William Arthur and Jennie Budge. My grandpa Budge's parents. My great grandparents.
Ezra Granger Williams - My great-great grandfather.
Henriette Crombie Williams -wife of Ezra Granger Williams. My great-great grandmother.

We placed flowers on a total of 18 graves. It was a neat experience and I challenge you all to do it too. Learn about more than your parents and grandparents. There are generations upon generations to learn about.