A little help for a "friend"...

Okay so up front this is Daniel hijacking Ashley's blog. While Ashley and I were living in China we had a lot of opportunities and a lot free time on our hands. Often that free time was taken up in reading. I expanded what I was reading a bit and was introduced to Robison Wells and his books.

Since then I have stalked followed him on social media, mostly twitter, and seen a window into someone else's life and an interesting life it has been. Robison was a professional in marketing, or some such important job, when he was able to publish Variant as a side project.

Then the unexpected happened as it often does. Robison had some mental issues. In his words from his blog
I was diagnosed in 2011 with a severe panic disorder, which quickly morphed into agoraphobia, which joyfully sprang into obsessive compulsive disorder. I’m now on meds (which kinda help) and I’m in cognitive-behavioral therapy (which kinda helps). I still enjoy doing book events and meeting people, I just have to prepare myself better and plan ahead.
Robison has been very upfront about his illness and how he handles it. I, as well as others, have benefited from the information and courageous example in dealing with one of the taboo subjects in our culture.

In fact Robison and his family are the type of people who make me okay with paying more in health insurance as part of "Obama-care" as he and his family were able to get health insurance for the first time in a while.

Oh yeah did I mention that he recently had a Cancer biopsy on his ear?

Now why do I tell you this? Well Robison posted this on this blog:
Most of you know about my mental illnesses. They hit a new low this week, and I nearly checked myself back into the psych ward.
Some of you know about my current financial troubles. They also hit a new low, with bills on the way that will break us.
A few of you know that I’m waiting on results for a cancer biopsy, possible melanoma. They already removed a little part of my ear. Could be a lot more.
Anyway, I want to ask for your prayers. My family will be fasting on Sunday, something you’re welcome to join in. Whatever devotion you hold to, I come to you humbly to ask for your help.
Or, if donations are more your style, someone on Facebook suggested a fundraiser to help. The link to that is below. Any little bit helps.
So this is a call out to those who follow here to help someone in need. I could throw out some scriptures, for those of you who are religious, or make reference to when you help us buy a water buffalo for others in need. But I'm not going to guilt you into doing anything.  Instead I'm going to put the options out there, tell you what Ashley are going to do, and trust you to do what is right.

1. Buy Robison's books. I really liked the Variant-Feedback series they are fast paced and fun. They are great YA suspense books. The latest is Blackout and a novella Going Dark. Get them on Amazon: Variant, FeedbackBlackout and Going Dark.
2. Give directly to Robison via the donate link on his blog; at the bottom of this post.

Now since Ashley and I already own the first series of the books I've purchased Blackout and Going Dark and I'm excited to read them. Not that I needed a reason to get them but this helps move them up to the top of the list.

Also we are in a position to give so I'll sacrifice some of my dinning out in the next couple weeks to help Robison.

I often think that trials happen to other people to allow for the rest of us to become better by helping. Robison's willingness to ask for help has provided that opportunity, and I for one are going to take it.

Will you?