On Adoption

Many of you know, and if you don't, now you will, that Daniel and I can only grow our family through adoption.

We had to put our profile on hold while we were in China. It was hard to put that on hold, as it was something I wanted quite badly, but we knew it was right. We were able to have an amazing experience that would not have been possible with a small child.

But now we're home. And it's time to step it up. Daniel and I are in the process of updating our profile. We need just a few more things (fire hoops, miracles, and congressional acts) and it will be complete. So I am asking for you all to be on the lookout. In going through LDS Family Services, the odds are against us. They have 3 couples for every baby placed. The surest way for us to find our baby is to go looking for them. Good things come to those who wait but better things come to those who go actively looking.

Last week I saw this video on pinterest. It is an amazing story. Someone out there, reaching out and being compassionate and brave, is how Daniel and I are going to get our babies.

Chapel's Adoption Story | the feature from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Did you get goosebumps?

Please be on the lookout for us. And even if you don't send a baby right to us, maybe something that you say, some good deed that you do, some testimony you share will help that someone along their path anyway. It's all about good karma my friends.


Christmas lights....

I love to go down to Temple Square and feel the cold and see the lights and the nativities. This year 
was no exception. Unfortunately  not all our friends could join us, but we had fun with our good friends the Sniders. They have three ADORABLE kids that I just love to death. I got to babysit them earlier in the week and we had a good time. Because it was only 7 of us, we all piled into their van, which  made parking easier as there was a Jazz game and MoTab concert at the same time. The kids did really well and I got to take pictures of those cute kids. Daniel pushed Noah around the whole time and they were happy campers. It was fun. I was able to take some pretty pictures. It was the next day before I realized we missed the Windows at Macy's. I hope they do it every year, because I won't be able to make it down again this year. The girls loved the fountain at City Creek with the fire and water and music. I love traditions!

 The Snider fam.

 The girls. I loved Grace's little purple hat.

 The fountain was pretty cool. I'd not been to City Creek before.

 Noah all bundled up. He was quiet and happy the whole evening.

 I just love the lights and the temple. It's just beautiful.

 Daniel had to walk slightly hunched over because Grace's head was close to the ceiling and didn't want to bonk her head.
She was done by the time we got back to the car.



Every year, for 49 years now, my Budge family has played Christmas Bingo. It is quite the party now. It started with my grandma and grandpa and their children at the time, three of them. This year we had 41 people and we were missing 7 from the family! Crazy. We're growing like mad. This year went really well and everyone had a great time. We had to split into two shifts for dinner. So much yummy food. We had bacon wrapped duck rolls, chili, clam chowder and all kinds of other yummy sides. We had brownies with marshmallows (my favorite!) and rice krispie treats. Too much food. But fun was had by all. This year we had three engaged couples and a couple more that are close. So much young love. It was fun to have all the new fiances come join us. Plus, my aunt and uncle have an exchange student here from Europe and he was able to join us. His birthday was the next day, so we brought some presents for him and sang happy birthday and had him blow out candles and everything. Next year makes 50 years. Should we do something to mark the occasion? What do you think? I think so.
 My cute sister Caitlin and her cute boy Ben.
 My grandparents like to have a picture of each of us with the santa hat.
 Daniel in one of his new shirts.
 My uncle pulling his "turtle soup" face. He's an artist and this was a face he pulled for one of his book characters. He's the artist for President Monson's book, The Christmas Train.
 Laying out the prizes and setting forth the rules.
 Eying the goods.
 Daniel does the calling because of his booming voice and no-nonsense approach.

 Concentrating on the spots called.
 Caitlin won!
 Ben's first bingo prize ever.
 Tim got married on January 3 this year. He got tools as prep for becoming the man of the house.
Everyone minus the 7 who were missing. My cousin Ian and his wife Sara live in California and my cousin Jared and his wife April and their three kids live in Richmond, VA. We missed you guys! (Notice to two kissing in the back right? Yeah, that's my brother. He generally does something silly in pictures. We love his girlfriend Aubrey.)

So much fun!


Hong Kong Disneyland!

Of course we had to go one last time. This post will mostly be pictures. But I have to tell you about a ride called the Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Cars. It was. AWESOME. It was like Thunder Mountain in California. But at one part, when you think you are headed over a mountain, it drops you back. But you still think you're going to go back up and continue. But no. you go backwards for a few turns and then back into a cave where you watch two bears (daddy and baby) push the TNT pump bar down followed by an explosion that shoots you out, pretty forcefully, forward for the rest of your ride. It was awesome. I think they should put it in CA, but they won't, because Disney is stinky like that. So if you every get to Asia, go to Disneyland Hong Kong.

We had a great time and then headed back to the hotel around 7 pm. We stopped and got Subway for dinner and ended up timing it exactly right to catch the shuttle back to the hotel. It was a great trip. Tuesday morning we headed back to Utah just in time for Thanksgiving and my family's Christmas Bingo party. Those will be the next few posts. I've just been busy, busy!!

 This is a new land that will be opening next year. I think it's the land where Brave takes place.
 The "barking pass" to ride slinky dog's ride.
 Slinky dog's ride.
 Winnie the Pooh, one of our favorites.
 Donal was hilarious.
 He teased Daniel pretty good.
Chinese people with elves ears looks funny. Just in case you wondered.