Fat Pictures

Last Sunday, the 17th, Daniel's family gathered for pictures. We had our
little family photographed. Some turned out cute. But what it revealed to us is that we are
fat(er than we'd like to be, at least).
Daniel went jogging tonight. We are
now on a mission to change our diet and become more active. So hear are some of the pictures.
Here's one of the better ones.
looking at this picture, all of the sudden I don't feel skinny anymore. I realize the 25 lbs
I've gained since meetings Daniel should all go away again.
one's the worst. This pose really only works with a wedding dress on.
anyone have ways to motivate that have worked for them? We may try to cut out sugar
completely. Who knows. Now I'm just rambling.


I'm a nerd

Our new favorite show on TV is Top Gear on BBC America. It's a car show.
They highlighted this
the other day. It's my new favorite. Unfortunately there are only 680
satisfied customers because they are handmade cars.I'd
have to inherit Microsoft in order to afford one. Isn't it gorgeous? It's like sex on


My Cousins Maxine and Summer

These amazing girls all the way across the country are so excited for me to
come visit this fall. I have added a new widget. I talked to my grandma the other day and she
said Maxine and Summer check my blog every time they are over to see how many days til we go
back east. I thought they would enjoy seeing how long until I go to grandmas house and will
get to see them.
(the seven year old) also made me a little tote bag. I have adopted it as my summer purse. She
did a great job. I love it. I love the colors! It's rainbow inside.
you Maxine! I can't wait to see you guys!


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Museum that I work for broke ground this
week for our new building. It's going to be an awesome building. For the Ground Breaking
Ceremony they had copper shovels. When a copper mining company gives you $15 mil. you tend to
do stuff like that for them. It was cool. A lot of the big whigs from the State were there.
Gov., Mayors, rich people, and University Representatives. I hope they enjoy it, since I'm not
planning on being there past a year. (My boss won't be happy when I quit this fall!)
This is
the view out over the Salt Lake Valley from the new museum site. It's going to be a great view
on three sides.
This is
Mr. Bones. He's a man from Colorado who had this dinosaur skeleton cast from original bones.
They are life size and made of foam and paper mache. It was great. Everyone loved
This is
me and my boss. Everyone took their turn trying to dig into the hard ground with spray painted
shovels. There was like 2-3 inches of dust, then rock hard ground. The big shovels will begin
this week. Come see when it's open in January 2011.

BAD or Sad.
One of my best friends moved this week to Kansas City, Missouri
so her husband could start D.O. school on Monday morning. It was sad to see her go but they
are beginning a new chapter where they will grow and learn a lot. Good luck Marcie and
SueZan's son Caleb, SueZan, Me with SueZan's baby Ella, Marcie and
her boy Eli (who wanted to go home) and CarriAnn. We'll miss you Marcie.

THE UGLY - Yesterday we put the dogs out because they had way to
much energy to be in the house. When Winston wanted back in Daniel looked down at him and saw
he was covered in mud. Daniel just laughed and said we needed to get a towel. He was so proud
of himself. We had the sprinklers on and he likes water. These pictures weren't taken
yesterday but he did get a bath before he was allowed anywhere and this is about what he
looked like. He likes water, but hates baths. I'm just glad he's small. Lacy wouldn't fit in
the sink. Isn't
he too cute? I love the little stink pot.