I did it.I joined facebook. You think it'll make you happy, but instead you feel wrong. I need ice cream.


Good Episode!

We had a bunch of our friends over for the premier of The Big Bang Theory last night. It was fun.We had a fondue party with two cheeses, oil and two different chocolates. Yummy. It was fun to watch a show we all like together. And the episode was a good one. Here's to a new season of TV shows!


Should I do it? Should I join...Facebook? I have held out for soooo long. I love following one more thing (blogs are enough for me). But I would like to see my friend's pictures without telling to become my husband's friend first. I could find people I haven't seen for years. I could also tie a computer around my ankle. I just don't know. Vote please.


Fruits of my labor

I am going to go a bit introspective on this one. I do not generally have a problem accepting my infertility. I am actually missing 3 organs. One crucial (Thyroid) and two "would be nice to have" (my ovaries - they shrank up and died about 6 1/2 years ago). So I am the marvelously functioning organ missing woman. I just hope I don't loose anymore due to my tendency (and family history) of auto-immune diseases.

I pretty much quickly gave up on having my own children when two things happened: 1 - I found out the cost and physical toll that in-vitro involves (not emotionally strong here) and 2 - the Lord answered my prayers of adoption through a dream in which we were given our baby and all the love felt right and peaceful. Dreams are very significant for me. This is not the first time it's happened. I've had a few about how much adoption is right for us.

Although I will never have fruits of my own loins, I can have a fruitful life. There are many ways in which I am currently doing that - either in the process or in evidence.

My fruitfulness in evidence? Tomatoes. I am one mean tomato grower. My plants are HUGE!!! What you see there are five plants. The big mound on the left is 2 Lemon Boy variety. The short stack are 3 Celebrity variety. Ignore the mass of weeds in front of them. I grow those well too.

Not only am I collecting a ton of tomatoes, but some of them are huge tomatoes themselves. This is one day's harvest. These were mostly picked in the last 2 days. Last week when we left for Bear Lake I had 46 tomatoes of my own growing on my counter top. I am going to can some, make some salsa, and make some home made tomato soup. Yum. These are my biggest^. These are my biggest in relation to my smaller ones. They are about the size of a soft ball. Yup. Big. This is a freshly sliced plate of My tomatoes. Are they gorgeous? They taste good too. My dad planted the same variety and although he is getting as many per bush that I am, he hasn't gotten ones this big!! Nanner nanner dad. To up the anti - next year I am going to try some exotic varieties. Did I mention that this is my first year growing them on my own? (My own includes my husband who has helped along the way). Yeah. Here is a list of some varieties available. Taking suggestions. I like the Black Russian/Black Prince. I am also going to do Cherry tomatoes. When I have grown some I will have people over for a tasting party. Anyone want to come?

Another way in which I hope to be fruitful, is in running. It's no secret that I want to adopt. (Duh, whar'd you get that idear?) . The R House, (who I might add is AMAZING!!) had got a group of women involved with adoption running as a goal and a pick me up. This running can help in so many ways. Health, physical and mental, group goal of running the Canyonlands Half Marathon (Am I stupid or optimistic?) and something to push me to be my best. She has a blog to help us support each other. The R House Runs. She is facilitating a way to release stress, participate actively in a group cause and feel part of a group and get us all in shape while we're at it! I am so excited. I have only run a few times recently, not really for almost 4 years, and I intend to feel better and be better. We are trying to reach a training goal and then we will all be part of training schedule for the half marathon. I remember how much I enjoyed running in years past. I want to enjoy it again. I need to be able to run 20 miles a week by Christmas. Can I do it? I am going to proceed like I can. Because I will. Maybe adding running back to my life will bring adoption and running together for me. Something I may be able to continue for years.

Wish me luck. I am going to go have a tomato for an after noon snack!!


Sorry, Sorry, I'm back

I've been doing my thing, being lazy, etc. Here are a few pics of what I have been up to.

On August 18th my sister-in-law had her fourth baby. Beautiful baby girl. They named her Naomi and when I saw her, she looked like a Naomi. Here she is with her three older siblings.
Proud mommy. Can you believe how beautiful she is? Look at that hair! It's like velvet. We're excited to have her added to the family. Last week, in order to help her out I had her youngest with me all afternoon. She is the funnest, sweetest 2 1/2 year old ever! She went tons of places with me and was so good. She helped me remember things and get flowers for her mom. Her siblings were jealous when they found out we had pizza for lunch at Costco. Their turn will come. Thanks for going with me Hazel!

Then the last two weekends we spent at Bear Lake. My grandparents have a condo at Ideal Beach - I have been every summer since I was born! This was year 27! Wow I am sounding old! The first weekend was great, and mostly just the two of us. Some of Daniel's family came up for a few hours on Saturday evening and played. The weather was wonderful. It was relaxing and pleasant. Just what I needed it to be.
Then this past weekend we had a bunch of friends up with us. Only five of us got in the water, the other four and the two babies couldn't hack the lake water. It wasn't even cold, for Bear Lake. Us and the Carmony's - the tough ones.
We spent most the rest of time that we weren't swimming, playing nertz. A really fun fast paced card game. Daniel didn't want to pack, so I did while he watched me. He didn't stop me when I packed matching shirts for us for every day. He even wore them with me. I know we are goof balls. Maybe dumb, but it had everyone else chuckling at us. Friday was hand tie-died from a family party, Saturday was Pepperidge farm Goldfish shirts, Sunday was Utah Museum of Natural History shirts, seen below, and Monday was Scleroderma foundation shirts. Dorks. But it was fun. We have had a good two weeks. Time to settle down for a while. I'll try to resume my founding fathers blurbs soon.