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I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto.

For those of you in Utah, you are aware of the wind storms we had on Thursday. For the rest of you - we had a huge wind storm on Thursday. I woke up to the wind a few times during then night and finally got out of bed around 7:00 am. The power was out, but that was about it. I decided I couldn't sit in my bedroom and watch the trees from that angle anymore so I go up and dressed and went down stairs. I looked out the back window and saw this in my grandparent's back yard.

I'll show you more later, but that's one whole tree down and the top 2/3 of another.

So we sat there watching the wind and hoping no more trees would go down. I had my camera pointed at one tree in particular because it was swaying something fierce. We were a little worried that it was going to go down. It's about 50 years old.

The branches were wrapped around when the gusts came. And then I caught this.

I could tell it was going so I hit the button to record it. The thing with this tree is that it was planted by the ward for the family that lived in that house before my grandparents. Their daughter had died in a hiking accident when she was young. My grandparents had always honored that and left the tree there. They are debating whether or not to take the rest of it out or not.

After the storm started to die down Grandpa and I walked around to survey the damage.

Then I went for a little drive and over to my parents house. This is what I saw along the way.

 This is one Polk just before 35th.
 This is at the corner at the bottom of my parents street.
 My parents neighbor's lost most of the trees along the road.
 The fence just snapped right off.
 Almost the whole thing.
The odd thing about this one is that it is up against the house normally. So it spun around and smashed over. It's alright though.

Then the cleanup began. It was rough going.

 Taylor just got a brand new chain saw that was sharp and highly effective.
 He's single ladies. 26, hard worker. Any takers? hehe.

 When the top half flew off it landed broken part down and the sharp part impaled itself in the ground. It missed the walkway by 1/2 in.
Mucking out all the crud from inside the stream. It was icky.

So there you go. The wind storm of the century folks.