A Busy Week

After only two days of work I began my holiday weekend.
First was the Museum Trip. The Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit was good. The painting
reproductions were only giclee prints, but it was cool to see some of the paintings life
The exhibit at the UMFA was fantastic. There were some amazing
paintings. I loved The Poplars at Saint-Remy by Van Gogh.You
just can't beat seeing Van Gogh's in real life. The three dimensions of the oil paintings add
so much character. I love it.

Then on Thursday and
Friday morning we went to my mother-in-laws family reunion. It was beautiful. We camped up
Payson Canyon by a small lake. Thursday evening was pretty. The water was high enough that the
trees were coming out of the water.
We had
the dogs sleep in the tent with us. It worked out okay until there was noise outside. Then the
dogs went ballistic. Once they calmed down they were fine. Then at 6:30am they decided they
were done sleeping and needed to play and go to the bathroom. After breakfast we took the dogs
canoing. I was in a boat with Crystal, Daniel's sister, and her kids Amelia and Eli. Daniel
went with his dad and the dogs.I said
hi to Lacy and she just jumped out and didn't quite realize that the boat was on water. She
hates water. She panicked when she jumped out. She
tried to swim to me and then decided that land looked batter. She kind of looked like a seal.
Then it was time to get Winston to swim. He struggled for a second. Then he went straight for
shore. He got
covered in mud. Funny little man. They were very tired at the end of the Day.

Then yesterday was Daniel's Birthday. We went bowling and then to
dinner with friends. It was a fun day. We are going to lounge and sleep today. Much rest is



you ever been so excited you can't help but smile and dance around? I am. I booked our visit
to Colonial Williamsburg while we're back east. We are staying in one of the original Colonial
Williamsburg buildings. We are staying in the Market Square
here's the nerd in me - One of the places Thomas Jefferson stayed. The guy I talked to on the
phone got us a room number already. We are on the second floor on the street side with a view
down the Duke of Gloucester Street. AWESOME!!!! I even woke Daniel up from his nap to tell
him. I'm
giddy.I can't wait. It's now less than two months!


Our Fun Weekend

We tried to go the Logan Temple but I was unprepared and did not know that
it was closed. So we ate lunch at the Bluebird and went to the Tabernacle. We had fun. Then we
went to Wolf Mountain where the Utah Symphony was playing a pops concert. That was fun. We
might make that an annual thing.We had
a good time. Then last night we went to the fireworks at Weber State. It was fun. We had a
pretty good seat, except for the street light that was kind of in our view. It glares on the
camera worse than we saw. Daniel and I are kind of weird and crazy when we are tired. We were
tired by then. I loved
the fireworks. Thanks to Mr. Lindquist who pays for all this. What a great guy.


Our 4th of July

Daniel's parents got some hotel rooms in Provo so we could watch the
Parade. The night before we swam and had dinner on the grass nearby. Then we took the kids to
the park and played around. It was nice. The weather was very pleasant. We had a good
next morning we went to part of the parade. Daniel's not much into parades. He
read for a large part. It was kind of a fun parade. Before the parade started my father-in-law
and all the kids came over to get us with water guns. It was a fun day. Then
last night we had a BBQ with friends and we swam and did fireworks. Overall it was a good day
of celebrations. I hope everyone else had a good 4th.