Quick Catch up

We've pretty much been busy since Christmas.
Christmas was good and a little weird. Cameron is on his mission in Korea and this was my
first Christmas married. We had Christmas day with my family but we had to wait until
afternoon for gifts. Taylor was working at Snow Basin as a Ski Patrolman. He has had only a
few days off since Christmas trying to keep up with the snow. We got our puppy girl Lacy at
Mother's day last year. We love spoiling her. Caitlin makes fun of me. We got her two giant
rawhide bones for Christmas. She loved it. It her three weeks to finish them.

Since Christmas we have mostly done house stuff. That's still in
the process.

During the week of Valentine's Day Daniel
had to go to Orlando for work. There was a bog show, "International Home Builders Show" It
took up three massive buildings. The Kohler booth was like 8,000 square feet. Home Depot and
Lowes both had portions that were two level. It was amazing.

Lifetime was not in the
same building with the big guys. While he was at work I got to go to Disney World. He got
Tuesday off and was able to do the magic kingdom with me. We had blast. The weather was
perfect. I had people in my ward wanting to stow-away in my suitcase and come with me. For
Valentine's Day I went to Epcot and Daniel joined me after work. We had dinner at the Moroccan
restaurant. It was a very cool Valentine's Day. He has a lot to live up to next