He's Home!

My little brother is home from Korea. He's just the same. It's great to see him again. I'm excited to get to know my post-mission brother better over the next few months.

We put up the sign.
And welcomed him home. He's pretty much the same, just two years older with more wisdom and a knowledge of the Korean language. Welcome home little bro.


Goodness gracious...It's real

So I was just playing around on the It's About Love website. I looked for profiles for people with dogs. I found us. We are officially published. Wow. Check us out here. Let me know what you all think. I will be updating our photos when we have good ones, like the ones from Disneyland this last week. (I'll post pictures of that here too in the next few days.) I would love to know what you think of our profile and pictures. Yikes. It's real. That feels so weird.

You may not hear anything for a very long time. Questions are welcome.


No Tuesday tidbit. I should be able to get back on to that next week.

I am quite excited for tomorrow. My little brother, Cameron, comes home from his mission to Seoul Korea in the afternoon. Today we put a banner up on the house. It will be nice to have my whole family home again. Next step: getting one of my younger siblings married so Daniel is not the only in-law. hehe. Anyone want to bet on it being my little sister who turns 18 in July?


Off to the side------>

You will notice a poll. We have an adoption blog. There are no ways to comment on this blog. There are no links that will possibly lead anyone to find out who we are, last name, or where we live. It will be linked from our LDSFS profile. I am not sure how much to publish this. Should I link on this blog so you all can see? Will you spread the word? What would you do? Comments and suggestions are welcome - from anyone - whether I know you or not. This is my future family we're talking about here!!

Longwood Gardens

I think this was my favorite part of this trip. These gardens were amazing. We learned about them at the hotel after we toured Philadelphia. They were begun by Quaker brothers in the mid 1800s. In the late 1910s (I think) Pierre S. Du'Pont (GM Corporation and Dupont paint people) bought the gardens and saved them from bankruptcy. The property became his summer home. It now belongs to the foundation. The garden was just I needed after a frustrating day before with eighth graders. After the gardens we went home to Charlottesville. Next post I will show you pictures from my time with family and at Monticello. I will also show you all my awesome birthday present from my grandma Arave. Needless to say, she knows what my passions and interests are.

Valley Forge

Here are my pictures from Valley Forge. The Church there was amazing. It was mostly just an open park. It was beautiful.



Here are my Pictures from Philadelphia, my first day back east.