I just bought our airline tickets for our trip this fall. To my favorite
place in the world. Washington DC and Central Virginia. Daniel has never been to Washington
D.C. and Virginia. We are going to spend a few days in DC and then head south to
This is a picture of Monticello, Thomas
Jefferson's home. My grandma lives about 15 minutes from here. We will see a total of 4
president's homes among other places. We will go down to Colonial Williamsburg for two days. I
love it there. I am so excited. We are going the last week of September. I know it's still
four months away but the tickets were cheap. It should be beautiful weather. Now I have this
to look forward to at the end of the summer. Things like this are good for me. Yay!


Long Overdue

I should have posted this
about 3 months ago. I got a new job at the end of March at the Utah Museum of Natural History.
I am the Assistant Registrar. They even gave me business cards and I am authorized to sign
paperwork. I'm a big girl. It feels a little weird. The Museum is in a very cool old building,
although very disfunctional for our needs. Which brings me to real point I am posting. Last
Thrusday, the 15th, we had a special function. Very few people knew ahead of time what was
going on. As a registrar I am in charge of the legal side of the objects. We took some pretty
cool and pretty stuff up to Red Butte Gardens. There were some very rich people there. The
Rice family, as in Rice-Eccles Stadium, the Eccles Family, the University President and news
media. There was an announcement for a gift of 15 million dollars to the Utah Museum of
Natural History from the parent company of Kennecott. This is very exciting. We got the
go-ahead from the state to build a new building. That was the second part of the meetings.
They unveiled the building. It's going to be cool. Those who were present got one of these
coins. By fluke I ended up with two so here is what it looks like. They are made of copper. I
have to leave them sealed so they stay that color. It was a neat thing to be able to attend.

Here is link to the story in the Salt
Lake Tribune


Somebody had a bad day...

On my way to work yesterday I passed an accident that just happened.
Fortunately no one was hurt except a train and a semi truck. So here are some pictures of what

truck made an illegal left turn across 4th South right as the train was leaving the station.
This is why I always carry a camera.