It's official

Our house is for sale. Here is the link. The sign
was put up on Monday night but the listing didn't go on the internet until early this
afternoon. In the last 12 hours our agent has gotten calls for two appointments on Friday.
Amazing. I have a feeling our house will sell fast. I hope we can the right place for us soon.
Wow. Life happens so fast. I accidentally put my camera cord in the storage unit we are using
for the month, so I will fetch it out and post more pictures. Wish us luck!



Our crazy has been evidenced
by yet one step more. We decided Sunday night that now is the right time to sell our house.
We've made some good improvements and we feel the time is right to move on. So here it goes.
Our goal is to have everything market ready my the end of next week. Lots of deep cleaning to
catch up on. Even though it is going to be stressful, we know it's the right



I like free stuff

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