I am so happy it's here!
My flowers are coming up! These are my crocus. My chiondoxa are now coming up. So pretty. I dread Friday's cold and rain. It's going to do mean things to my flowers. My tulips are starting too. So lovely!

To help usher in Spring and my birthday (April 15) I though I needed new shoes. Not just one pair, but three! Collected over the last few weeks I now have the Primary colors!

Remember the song? The primary colors are one, two, three,

And BLUE!!!! These are the best - they are microfiber. Sweet! They are gorgeous and happy!Anyone jealous? I am. Now all I need are green and purple. Orange is just one step to far for pumps. Right now. Ask me later and I might tell you differently.

Kitchen projects

We have been busy for the last week. I emptied my back room to tile it then we decided to do the kitchen at the same time rather than wait until full kitchen remodel.
We had to bring the laundry room floor up to the level of the kitchen - that blue line is how far it had to come up. This is what we had to do to bring the floor up two inches. Those are split 2x4's.
Pulling apart the kitchen was quite an adventure.I love that sink. I hope to take it to my new house. It's huge. Probably take all the metal cabinets with us for a craft room or garage cabinets. They are awesome.
This is what is normally spread out in my front room pushed into one corner.
I put my fridge and freezer in my front room with one of the lower cabinets.
My stove is the first thing you see when you open my door. We have since moved the microwave, but my silverware drawer is next to my desk as I type.

Everything out. There was a little mold where the linoleum stops. But it took care of itself.
After we began to pull up the first floor we found this. The first floor was stapled down. Pretty?Lacy was sad she couldn't come in.
My father-in-law spent like 45 minutes to an hour pulling all the staples up. To no avail.

After we brought up the laundry room floor we still had to pull up the next kitchen floor to bring it down to the level of the laundry room. This took care of the mold. It did not go down to the next level because of the roofing paper. Multipurpose!
That level was easier because it was only nailed down with some nails, not 8,000,000 staples.
The original sub-floor.
Confused dogs.

While everything was out I figured it was the best time to paint. We chose butter-cup yellow. I love it. So happy!
This is the first session of tile laying. Now that this is dry we will tile the back room and the edges.
Wow. So much. I am excited to have it done.

Hopefully this fall we will have the cash to buy the new cabinets too. But it can wait. I'm just glad to have a new floor. Whew. I'll update with more when things get done.


Sacred Moments

There are sacred moments in each of our lives. We build relationships sometimes from these sacred moments. Today I witnessed someone else's sacred moment and they invited me to share it with them.

Recently I have felt an increased interest and a push, really, in my life to do personal histories. (The real challenge will be doing my own!). I have expressed this interest to a few friends and they have been very supportive of me as I want to do this for a job. One good friend has even given me an opportunity.

My friend Danna has a friend who is very dear to her. TerriLyn. TerriLyn has had her cancer come back and it has now spread. She isn't going to make it past this battle. Danna and her husband, as well as other friends, have asked me to help TerriLyn do a personal history. This is an amazing opportunity for me. From the moment it was proposed to me I knew I wanted to do it. I felt I needed to. Today affirmed that need. I will meet with TerriLyn weekly for the next few months as we record her history.

We were especially lucky to be able to start now, as her parents are in town for a while. This morning I sat and watched and listened and prompted as she and her parents talked about her growing up years. Her parents were so supportive. I watched when she sat down by them and grabbed her mom's arm and sat close. As all three of them smiled about happy memories from the past, I almost felt like an intruder. It was wonderful. After I left I had the distinct feeling that a life spent helping others in this way will bless me and enrich my life in ways that nothing else can.

I have always been interested in peoples' stories. For 5 years I worked for the University of Utah in the Special Collections department cataloging historic photographs. As I went through the collections I got to know people, but only part of their story. As I talk with people I get the other half. So putting the two together is like an insight into someone's soul. Their history is what makes them who they are. Each of us have an entire history that has molded us and shaped us into what we are. I feel privileged to be able to help others do this.

If any of you have a friend, family member or feel pushed yourself, let me know. I am trying to start a small business in which I will be a Personal History Consultant. As I get further with TerriLyn and members of my own family I will be able to tell you what I can offer for different price ranges. Thanks for letting me share.

What do you think of "My Thousand Words" or "A Thousand Words and More" for business names. I was just thinking about it on my way home today. Because, you know - A picture is worth a thousand words.