Tidbits from my Trip

I had a good time in Virginia. I was able to spend some time with my Maxine (despite grandma's claiming her, she is MY Maxine!) and other family members. We saw some historical places and I learned a few more things about my family. Unfortunately we did not have time to get to sewing stuff. That will just have to wait.

On Saturday we went with Maxine and Summer to the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia. They have brought over authentic buildings from the places around the the world that immigrants came from. This is the English Farm House from the 1600s. They are working buildings. There was also an Irish Farm, a German Farm, two early American Farms and they were working on a West African farm while we were there.
When we got the to the German Farm there were a bunch of funny looking chickens. My Uncle Andy said they were Polish Chickens. They all had really bushy heads. This is Maxine and Summer with the Chickens.

Sunday was relaxed. Maxine was able to go to Church for the first time in 4 months (Dad doesn't think she likes it since he didn't, but she does.)

I did her hair from a picture from the Princess and her Hair Blog. It turned our really well on Maxine because of the summer sun bleaching of her hair. She got a ton of compliments at church. She loved it and her dad managed to save it for school the next day too.

After Church we went My uncle's house, Maxine's dad, and had a nice dinner. My cousin Meagan has two little girls that are just beautiful. This is Nayelli (Their father is Mexican). She is 15 months. Isn't she gorgeous? Look at those eyes!And this is my cousin Summer (left - Maxine's younger sister) with Marlene. Marlene is 6. Both girls have beautiful eyes and amazing hair and skin. Marlene has always looked like a china doll. This was taken when she was just past 1 year. Can you believe the hair?

I'll post the rest of my trip over the next few days.

Thank You Nia

We need more people like her out there. Doesn't she just make you feel good?



November is National Adoption Month!

To help in awareness and help a family who is still fighting their adoption battle I would like you all to visit this website. The R House is by a wonderful woman in West Valley. She is one of the best adoption advocates in America. She is amazing. Visit her blog here. She is still not finished with the 14 month and counting battle to keep their little boy. Her story is on her blog. The shirts may not apply to your children but the necklaces and beautiful and apply to everyone! So if you are looking for a gift to give, or something you can tell others to get you, check it out. They do custom orders too. All of the proceeds help cover the cost of their legal battle for Gavin. I am going to be asking for one from my husband for Christmas.


Another matter: read this. It's very important to so many people. The average domestic adoption is very expensive. We are going through LDS Family Services, which is less expensive, but only because the Church subsidizes the agency costs, about 15,000 per adoption. So thank you tithe payers. But others who go through different agencies and those who adopt out of foster care pay much more. Having the tax credit is beneficial and a help when adopting from foster care. So please join me in contacting our US Representatives and telling them that we need this continue!