Random pictures

My grandma e-mailed me yesterday and asked if I could take a picture of the
quilt she made me. So I thought I would post the picture of it. She is an awesome seamstress.
She's very good.She has
a machine that does embroidery. She put this on the back of the quilt.


Time Waster

I set out to post to my blog and ended up playing with the look for two
hours. I think I'm on my way to where I want it. Not there yet. But I have an update on my
flowers. My hyacinth came and are on their way out. Sad, but they smelled so good while they
were there.

Then the tulips started coming up. They are
wonderful. My favorite flower.
This afternoon we were at my parents and my
cute sister was getting ready to go to Accolade. A friend of mine, who did my hair for my
wedding, came and did her hair. It looked great. I hope she has fun at the dance. She took
some pictures with my little Winston dog.
You are now looking and the sum total of what I
got done today. I am a time waster.


Happy Birthday!

It was my 25th birthday today. My fun husband called me this afternoon and
told me he had narrowed my gift down to three options but I had to pick which one. He gave me
three vague clues. 1. black and white; 2. soft; 3. plugs in. It made me a little frustrated.
But I decided on black and white. We ran a couple errands and he got me some flowers. Then he
just started driving somewhere and surprised me. He pulled up to Barnes and Noble and told me
I could pick out a bunch of books. Anyone who has been to my house knows that we love books. I
got a bunch of coffee table books with beautiful pictures of Rome, Paris, Ireland, Italy
Medieval art, Florentine art and Royal Palaces. I'm so excited to flip through it all. He's
such a good husband!!


Happy times

Sunday night after conference Daniel said he wasn't feeling well. He was
sick - he ended up staying up till almost 12:00 before it was safe to go to bed. AT 5:00, we
were both dead asleep, there was pounding on our door. I almost panicked. Scared me to death.
There was someone at the door. At first I thought it was our next door neighbor saying her
house was burning down or something - I checked out that window and no. Daniel went to the
door and I heard the lady (neighbor across the street) say something about our car. I looked
at the driveway and it was gone. I thought it was stolen until I saw her pointing at her
driveway. My the park break on my car, a standard, had failed and my car had rolled out of our
flat drive way, across a flat street and into the neighbor's flat driveway and my driver side
had bumped all the way along their trucks back bumper. It put
dents in my car on both doors and took of my mirror. Good Morning! It sucked. At first I
panicked about the park break but Daniel said it was pulled. I must not have pulled it far
enough. Well nothing done to their truck but I get to take my car in to get it fixed. It's
going to cost like 1,000$ and insurance doesn't kick in till after $750. I'm just glad I have
second part time job now.


Happy Anniversary!!

Today marks 1 year. It's amazing how it went by
so quickly. But then at other times I can't believe we've been together for only a single
year. I can't think of life without Daniel. Unfortunately his day started out with a business
trip but he will be home this evening and we are going to the Roof for dinner. He was
thoughtful and had flowers delivered today. They are so beautiful. Tulips are my favorite and
the reason we got married in the spring in the Salt Lake Temple.