My tongue

My tongue occasionally likes to have it's moment of attention. It technically is part of my face, just a silent one. So sometimes it sneaks out, just to have it's own fun. I have known this for some years, but evidently it manifested itself earlier than I originally thought.

My tongue through the years. (Some appearances are on purpose and some were caught during those wonderful moments of concentration - or drinking?)

This one was my personality. For. Sure.

My dad probably coaxed this out of us after that one^

This is one from concentration. I think I was really trying to get to the other side of the pool. Which was hard, given all my flotation aids.

There is a large gap in pictures (I have many yet to scan). This one was concentrating on mocking the two young women in front of me. Don't make of me - I know it's not a flattering picture.

This was personality. Again. My dad wanted to show how tall the tomato plants were. I am 5'1".

This is the drinking one. This was is as fresh and healthy as nature provides outside of springs. It was fresh rainfall above the tree line - thus no critturs was poopin' in it. (I have the purple bandanna on my head.)

This is to prove that I am not alone in the use of my tongue in pictures. That is my goofy father behind me.

This is to show that Daniel and I truly are kindred spirits.
I hop you enjoyed the history of my tongue, by photograph. So if you see me stick it out, it's just my tongue letting you know it has personality too.



As one thing to help take up my time while I am unempolyed and we wait for the opportunity to adopt, I have been scanning my parents old pictures. I am having fun. What ever we may think while growing up, most of us have it pretty good. I think I am going to randomly post images that I have scanned and anything I can remember about them.

Here is today's:

Now any of you who think I have good hair, or thick hair, I want to show you what I looked like at 4.My 4th birthday. (I had the chalkboard for like 12 years. Got a lot of use out of it. I also loved that horrid little dress. I wonder if my mom still has it.)

I have always loved two french braids in my hair. This was one of the first times it could happen. I was mostly bald until I was 4. Aren't those wispy braids cute? I hope my kids have more hair. My poor mom trying to work with so little hair. The only reason my hair is good now is because of the various medications I have to take for my health (hormones help hair A LOT) - and a great stlylist who has me on really nice shampoo. But I had to work at it.

The rest of Virginia

While I was in Virginia before Thanksgiving (forgive the procrastination) I got to see two important historical places. Some of you may not oogle over this like me, but I love Revolutionary and Civil War places.

Place #1: Harper's Ferry
Important to Revolutionary War and Civil War

I went with my grandma and my aunt Georganne to Harper's Ferry. This is one of the streets. The other one is very steep. This is the church up on the hill, behind the street you see above.I did walk up to the church. The roads zig zag up there. It was beautiful.
After I went up to the church, I climber farther (along the Appalachian Trail) to Jefferson's Rock. It is the spot where Jefferson declared Harper's Ferry one of the most beautiful places. This is the rock. This is the view of the converging rivers at Harper's Ferry. Harper's Ferry is a small town that was key ground in both Revolutionary and Civil Wars. It is located in West Virginia. Behind me and the trees in Maryland and to the right is Virginia. During the Civil War each side help the territory three times. The Union held it for three years at one point. You know who won.

Place #2: Appomattox Court House

Guess what? That's the name of the hamlet. The surrender of Robert E. Lee's troops to Ulysses S. Grant's troops actually took place in a house at Appomattox Court House. The McLean House.
The McLean family were just a normal family. He was a trader and profiteer during the Civil War. Their house was nice enough that the troops declared it a fit place for surrender.
This is a replica of the original table General Lee (of the South) used. The original is in the Smithsonian. General Grant (of the North) used this smaller desk. There was a reason the desks differ so much. General Grant did a few things to allow General Lee and his troops to keep their dignity. Lee showed up early, on a horse and wearing a clean neat uniform. Grant showed up on time, disheveled, and on foot. Grant played the humble part, and thus took the smaller desk. When surrender happened each man in Lee's Army was given the paper granting them safe travel home, parole, if you will, they were fed from the rations of the Union troops and they were allowed to keep their animals and uniforms. They had to surrender their arms, but that was to be expected. The Union army stood at attention while the Confederates surrendered their weapons.
This is the actual Courthouse. The reason the hamlet is called Appomattox Courthouse is because of the court house. It was the county seat for Appomattox County and at a cross roads from Richmond to the south and west. The new county seat is at Appomattox, three miles down the road.

I had a great time in Viiginia. I always enjoy my trips. Hopefully next time grandma and I can have some more sewing and chill time. We traveled a lot this trip.