We have officially passed 500 views on our profile. Today at 6:20 = 507 views. Wow. I wonder if anything is developing. . .


We had pictures taken Oct 10 by a good friend. She did a fantastic job. I put them in an internet album here. Let me know what you all think and which ones are your favorite.


Home sick - posting alot

I want this. I have a new found love for piecing quilts. Isn't this gorgeous?
It's not as hard as it looks, just time consuming. By using different shapes next to each other you play on illusion. Too bad the kit's expensive. Maybe if I teach enough piano lessons and sewing lessons. (Anyone interested? wink, wink?)

Jesus Christ

If you have 15 minutes watch this video. BYU scholars have put together this seven part series on Christ, from Pre-mortality to the Judgement. It premieres Dec. 6 on BYU TV. I am going to watch them all. You get can feel the testimony of the scholars as you watch the preview. It's going to be neat.

The website is http://www.byub.org/messiah/

Alternative content


What happens when...

Ashley gets up at 8, wide awake and ready for the day? Too much. We went shopping, I helped Daniel make chili (pictures to come), put together a magnet board, and then did some stuff on the computer. I got bored of this, so I thought I'd go put the shelf together that I bought for my craft stuff. Instead... I pulled up the carpet. The best part of this is we are having people over for dinner! I learning how much I can chew - so I don't bit off too much. I think I just about hit my limit today.


This is for you Grandma...

I will be landing in Washington D.C. at Dulles International on November 13 at 3:45 pm from Dallas Ft. Worth on American Airlines Flight 1356. I hope this does not present any challenges as it is non-refundable! We'll discuss the details after you've had a chance to calm down. I'll forgive you if you call me early in the morning.

Coolest Camera Ever

Check this out. I had the opportunity to work with Weldon a time or two when I was doing my Church internships. The second time I went with another registrar to deliver something to be photographed for the Ensign. When he was finished with our project, he showed us a picture of the manuscript he had taken with a 32 (I think) megapixel camera. It was amazing. You could see the fibers, you could tell where things had faded, been written over, and how the fibers overlapped. It was amazing. Don't get your hopes up about this camera. It's like 50,000 dollars. But take a look with what he's doing with it to preserve history!


Adoption Blessings!!

Look what Que and Brittany have to say!!! I am so excited for them and can't wait until it's our turn! Isn't he precious?

More Crafts!

I've been home sick the last few days so I have taken the opportunity to do a few more Halloween crafts. I mostly used things I already had around the house.

These are made of card stock - I am going to put candy in them for our Halloween party. I played around with the printer and sent the card stock through the printer so that the words were in the right place. Then I just placed the template on, traced them, cut them out and glued them together. I think they're cute.
I found this idea on Martha Stewart's website. Say what you will about her, but I love her Halloween stuff. I have a cookie recipe from her that I absolutely love. I'll post them when I make them. I used a heavy card stock for the frame. She just used black, but I found this shiny iron looking paper that worked wonderfully. Then you print the shadows out on vellum (I used gold) and then a wire hanger. My husband thought they were awesome. You just hang electric tea lights in the center and you have lanterns. I'm excited to hang them.

I was looking through a Christmas craft book when I saw bells made out of half circle fabric. So I thought I'd turn them into witches hats and add the brim. To make the fabric stiff I used Heat n'Bond, an applique adhesive, and ironed fabric on both sides so it was stiff. You could make these out of paper too. I zig-zagged around all the edges. Then you fold the half circle into a cone and glue - I used hot glue.

Then I used a 10" ribbon glued to the center of the circle (brim) and pulled it up through the hole in the cone. Glued that in place and then another 10" for the decor around the hat.
I think they turned out pretty cute. It takes quite a bit of fabric to to the seven hats with two layers. I think I used about a quarter of a yard, maybe a little more. But it was just broadcloth, so it was like 1.50 a yard on sale.

Anyway, I'm having fun with crafting. Next group of things will be candy and food stuff for our party. I'm working on candy eyes right now. I'll post more when it's done.



I just checked our tracker on our LDS Adoption profile. As of 5:00 Sunday night - 482 views. 0 contacts. This is because there are a ton of people like us who are sizing up the competition. And some of them are friends who we have sent to see it. But of those 482 views only 17 have looked at our contact page. I'm not sure what to think.

I know that we will be contacted and be chosen when the time is right, according to the Lord's timing. But I have a hard time, a little bit, about waiting when I know there will 500 views by the end of the week. It's just a little hard to wait. We are told to put our trust in the Lord and leave Him in charge of things. This is one of the most difficult things to put in someones elses hands. I like to control things. Oddly I have peace about this, but still. I struggle, when I think about it too hard, that my life could change dramatically at any point. I also struggle with the fact that my life has not changed much in months. I would love to go forward with plans. I am also scared to go forward not knowing what it will be like. I can't wait to hold a baby and teach him and love him and have a family. It makes me nervous, but I can feel it in my bones that this is right. I really, really, really want to have a family. I love the things Daniel and I get to do right now and we are making the most of our time but I can't help but wish to join the mothers in talking about what neat little thing my baby learned today. We're praying. Tell people about us.

We are working on having pass-a-long cards made. We should have them soon. If anyone wants me to mail them some pass-a-long cards to hand out let me know. E-mail me your address.

ashleyallen15 @ gmail . com

It will happen. And I will be soooooo ready when it does. I think I'm already about as ready as I can be.


Beautiful Photo

I love photographs. Especially old photographs. There is something beautiful about what we don't see. The colors, the life behind the person. I saw this amazing image years ago while working at the U.

Isn't it wonderful? Can you see how much love there is between them? Do any of you know who they are? They are prominent people in LDS History. Someone e-mailed a link to a blog essay about this photograph. It's kind of a long essay but it gives a lot of information and will open your eyes to the story behind the photo. This is the most non-traditional photo I have ever seen from pre-1900. I just love it. I should get a nice copy and frame it for my house.


On Tuesday the new President of LDS Business College had his inauguration. I happen to know the new President. He is the father of a very good friend of mine. Anywho - In the newspaper clipping about it there was a quote from President Henry B. Eyring. Good quote. Even though it was directed towards President Richards I feel it has application for all of us.

"Don't be discouraged when things look bleak nor too proud when things go well, because powers greater than yours are shaping events. The Lord really does reign. Our primary contribution is to help when we can and be wise enough not to get in his way. He makes the history while we write our supporting parts in it."

What an appropriate quote for life in general. I love it. The Lord really does reign.



I just love Halloween. I have been making a few things to decorate my house. I thought they were kinda fun.
I am going to paint the other sides of these blocks wit Merry Christmas. I will post those when I do them. I made four of these place mats. This is the only one finished. I think I could even use them for Thanksgiving. I am having fun. Here's to more crafts!



A wonderful friend of ours who does photography part time took our pictures Saturday evening. I love the few I've seen and I can't wait to see the rest! Check them out here. Thanks a bunch Cat!!