Shakespearean Festival!

I have wanted to go for many years and finally this year they had a play I absolutely could not say no to. Sense and Sensibility. It was so well done. I'm so glad we went. Check out this video about it. The pin board on pinterest has a few stills from the play. It was so good and so well done that even Daniel enjoyed it. They stayed true to the story, did a very good job and presenting the characters true to form and even kept it light-hearted with the appropriate amount of emotion where it was called for. I look forward to going to the festival in years to come. I hope to see some of these same actors in other places as well.

We also so Twelfth Night. It was pretty funny. Some of the same actors from Sense and Sensibility were in it and it was fun to watch their talents in such different roles.

On Saturday we wandered around downtown Cedar City and then drove up to Cedar Breaks. We had a very pleasant weekend.

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